#WhatIf and Double Pass: You could benefit from this fantastic pledge!

As part of the Women in Football’s #WhatIf campaign, Double Pass has offered to analyse, report and co-create the talent development system at one women’s football team for free.

This is an on-site, standardised analysis, called a scan, conducted by two experienced football professionals.

During their four-day visit to the team/club, the experts will interview different stakeholders at the team/club and the girls’ academy, observe the girls’ team training sessions and matches, and analyse various different management and football-related processes.

They will report back their findings and recommendations to the team/club from their scan, and also hold a post-analysis meeting to explain in detail their action points. They will also assist and start to co-create, with advice for implementing, their recommendations.

Double Pass has ensured that the talent development system of clubs are better run, and player potential further optimised, after our visit. And now, we are going to support one women’s team/club by doing this work with them for free.

In order to qualify for this service by Double Pass, your women’s team/club should have:

  • A youth department / girls’ academy with at least three competitive teams in different age groups (e.g. U19, U17, U15)
  • Connection with a senior women’s team in a top competition (in-house or official partnership)
  • Availability of an academy director and/or a technical director / head of coaching for the women’s department
  • A (centralised) training centre for the girls’ academy teams
  • A club website with information about the girls’ academy
  • Video records of three recent games (official competition) of the oldest academy teams (at least two teams).

If you think your team/club meets the criteria above, then Women in Football would love to hear from you! Please email Women in Football via whatif@womeninfootball.co.uk and tell them why you are eligible.

Double Pass will then select the team/club that they will work with on the scan, so do make sure your application contains detailed reasons as to why you should be selected.

Closing date for applications is Monday 1 July.

Good luck!

If you want more information about our assessment services or about this project, you can reach out to:

Hugo Schoukens
CEO & Founder

Jo Van Hoecke
Head of Product & Founder

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