Tag-it for sessions

Monitoring the effective implementation of your football philosophy on the pitch

For whom?

As Head of Coaching or Academy Director you want to know if your football and coaching philosophy is implemented by your coaches.

What is it?

Tag-it for sessions is a digital solution for a structured analysis of training sessions on the field. This software application is specifically designed to collect relevant information about the content, the organisation and the coaching behaviour during a training session. The tagged actions result in key performance indicators presented on a practical dashboard in the CAMP. In a snapshot, the indexes and graphs give you immediate insight in the effectiveness of training and coaching. Benchmarks are available to compare the observed sessions internally and externally.

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  • Key capabilities
    • Hands-on tool to analyse training sessions, both focussing on excercises and coaching behaviour.
    • Algorithms, built on 15 years of experience in analysing football clubs, on- and off the pitch.
    • Indicators for international benchmarking with other youth teams.
    • Integrated dashboard with relevant indicators on CAMP.
  • Key benefits
    • Monitor the effectiveness of your training session: how do you evaluate the learning environment?
    • Connect theory with practice: do you really practice what you preach?
    • Gain powerful insights in coaching behaviour, structure and principles.

Clients that use this service:Hertha BSCFIFAFlemish Football Association

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