Tag-it for games

Connecting football philosophy and practice in games

For whom?

As Sporting Director, Head of Coaching or Academy Director you want to monitor the successful implementation of your style of play by your teams.

What is it?

Tag-it for games is a digital solution to analyse the dominant style of play of your teams when attacking, defending or in transition. Sequences of tagged actions are analysed to determine the style and to calculate success rates per phase. These are presented by traffic lights which tell you how successful your teams are in the different phases of the game. Tag-it for games can be used for both a live observation and video analysis of a game.

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  • Key capabilities
    • Own developed algorithms, built on 15 years of experience in analysing football clubs, on- and off the pitch.
    • Reference data from a huge number of youth games.
    • Integrated dashboard in the CAMP.
  • Key benefits
    • Monitor the style of play in games: which team is the most successful in playing your style?
    • Connect theory with practice: do you recognise your identity on the pitch?
    • Evaluate your coaches in an objective way: are they playing in line with your philosophy?

Clients that use this service:Flemish Football Association

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