Monitoring the perceived quality and satisfaction of your stakeholders

For whom?

As Academy Director you want to know how your academy is perceived by your stakeholders.

What is it?

Gain insights into the satisfaction and perception of your key stakeholders. Standardized questionnaires for coaches and parents are immediately available and can be customized with extra questions. You can directly see your results on the CAMP where you can follow them over time.

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  • Key capabilities
    • Validated questionnaires to measure the satisfaction of coaches and parents.
    • Easy to set up and to invite people via the online platform.
    • Integrated dashboard with meaningful graphs in the CAMP.
  • Key benefits
    • Monitor the perception and satisfaction of your key stakeholders: get to know how your coaches and parents look at the academy.
    • Integrate coach satisfaction as a key indicator on your dashboard: feel the heart beating of your academy.
    • Compare your academy with many other: international benchmarks learn you where you are.

Clients that use this service:Flemish Football Association

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