Client case

Royal Moroccan Football Federation

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation decided in 2018 to partner up with Double Pass for an assessment project. It was our first partnership on the African continent. 

The assignment had 2 different angles; a review of the federation itself, together with the functioning of the national youth teams and an assessment of the talent development system of all 16 clubs of the first division “Botola Pro”.

From December 2018 to April 2019 a team of 6 assessors set to work for the organisation of the 16 club scans . Every week, two clubs were visited for a 2-day assessment. During a scan our consultants did a complete screening of the organisational capacity and set-up of how talent is being developed. It includes many different processes and football specific topics. In this way Double Pass got a clear view of the situation “as is”. 

Post scan talks took place in May 2019 for all the clubs involved. The reports were thorough, still the reactions of the clubs to the project team, the scans, the reports and a possible follow-up process were extremely positive.

A detailed overview report with results of all assessed clubs on all different dimensions of our model, was presented to the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.

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