Quality in Sports Happening 2017

On a yearly base and based upon the assessment, Double Pass distributes quality labels to the Belgian grassroots clubs during the Quality in Sports Happening 2017.

During the football season 2016-2017, 120 clubs were subject to the assessment by Double Pass on behalf of the Flemish Football Federation (Voetbal Vlaanderen). The result: more than 70% of these clubs received a quality star label. 8 clubs obtained a 1-star quality label, 53 clubs a 2-star quality label, 19 clubs a 3-star quality label and 6 clubs a 4-star quality label (the highest possible result).

Next to that, a Double Pass Award was given to the ‘best in class’ youth academy. F.C. Eksaarde obtained the award on the regional level, while K.F.C. Helson Helchteren scored the provincial award. K. Berchem Sport 2004 captured the Double Pass award on the interprovincial level, the highest grassroots level.

The Best Practice Awards were distributed to the clubs which performed outstanding on a particular dimension of the assessment. The regional award ‘Social Support & Initiatives’ was handed over to S.K. Grembergen. Spouwen Mopertingen obtained the provincial award ‘Coach Support’. K. Berchem Sport 2004 also acquired the interprovincial award ‘Individual Evaluation & Support’.

With this initiative Double Pass wants to emphasise the importance of investing in talent development.

The pictures and aftermovies are available:



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