New: Discover "Strategic Roadmap", our football management tool

As we previously explained in this article, Double Pass was strongly focused on going digital last year. We are continuing our digitisation with the development of Strategic Roadmap, a management tool which the management of a football club or academy can use to input and monitor their strategic plan. In this way, Double Pass wants to provide clubs and academies with a comprehensive solution that combines analysis and practical support.


Software package linked to the know-how and support from Double Pass

Over 1000 clubs worldwide have worked with Double Pass to put their football DNA and strategy on paper. The action points were determined and subsequently the strategic and operational goals were translated into a solid action plan. This produced a more theoretical result consisting of sound advice and a fleshed-out, detailed roadmap.

For some time, we at Double Pass had been entertaining the idea of supporting the management of clubs and academies with the implementation of the roadmap. In the latter half of last year, the content in our e-Modules, Masterclasses and other resources was strongly expanded. It provided us with a strong foundation for the development of reliable, intuitive software that can put the roadmap in motion. Double Pass developed this software in-house, pooling all the knowledge and experience it has acquired over the years.




The advantages of Strategic Roadmap

The Strategic Roadmap is first and foremost a toolbox. It’s up to the management to input the data, goals, tasks and responsibilities. The ultimate aim is to optimise the talent development system in order to train more and better talented footballers. This is also Double Pass’ fundamental mission.

The advantages are numerous:

  • The management can easily input and monitor all the action points of the strategic plan.
  • You can see all the priorities and assigned responsibilities at a glance.
  • The management can easily generate reports for the CEO, board etc. using the statistics and dashboards.
  • In addition, the management is closer to the staff on the pitch and communication is more efficient.
  • Information is shared transparently with stakeholders.
  • All information is centralised and stays within the club. If anyone leaves, no information gets lost.
  • With the Strategic Roadmap, clubs and academies can reach higher levels with greater efficiency.


Japanese club Vissel Kobe introduces Strategic Roadmap

Following a detailed analysis, Vissel Kobe deepens its collaboration with Double Pass to ensure the implementation and practical monitoring of the plan. With e-modules, they learn to identify their Key Areas and to outline the club’s mission and vision. During individual online mentoring, they explore the specific situation at the club in finer detail and in the next phase a solid action plan is drafted. Double Pass now offers support when implementing the plan in Strategic Roadmap and the management learns how to interpret and use the statistics and reports to make adjustments.

Strategic Roadmap is an innovative management tool for football clubs and academies which enables them to implement their action plans and monitor them in detail. This makes the communication between the board, the management and the people on the pitch much stronger and more efficient. The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and the results are measurable.

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