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Hungarian Football Federation | Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség (MLSZ)

In May 2018, Double Pass held the launch of the next phase of the Hungarian project in co-operation with the Hungarian Football Federation (HFF). During the launch, which was held in the HFF Training Centre in Telki, 4 members of the HFF Steering Commission together with the Double Pass team presented the new assessment cycle to the clubs.

In the season 2018-2019, Double Pass assessed all Elite Academies in Hungary. Previously, in the seasons 2013-14 and 2015-16, 15 Elite Academies had been assessed all over the country. In between, an Elite Academy Management course was delivered by Double Pass experts.

The 2018-19 assessment provide clubs with findings, an action plan, scores and benchmarks in a club-specific report. Part of this report was a training and games analysis report based on the observed sessions and games. The Federation received a global report with findings and scores of all all Academies. It was the HFF’s intention to reward the clubs by means of clustering based on the assessments.

The assessment criteria for the clubs were slightly modified based on a review from the previous cycle, as well as valuable feedback from a Task Force, which comprised a Steering Commission, 4 HFF-appointed Club representatives and 3 Double Pass representatives.

In October 2018 we have further strengthened our partnership with Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség, (MLSZ), the Hungarian Football Federation, which organises the Hungarian league and the Hungarian national team.
MLSZ has been a partner for many years, and engaged for a roll-out of two different Master Class courses. The first was our Master Class Academy Management, and the second was our newly developed Master Class for Technical Directors of clubs.

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