How we moved to digital

Efficiency, productivity and digital transformation: you will hear these buzzwords everywhere you go, from management meetings to chats over coffee. New technologies drive this transformation, but the coronavirus pandemic has also accelerated developments. In recent months, companies have had to reinvent and reposition themselves in a world driven by digital transformation and Double Pass is no exception. We must move with the times. Double Pass has swung into action with a radical digital transformation.

Productised services


Digital transformation for ourselves, and for our customers

Efficiency, productivity and ROI are priorities at Double Pass. These are the cornerstones of our business performance, to which we are strongly committed both internally and for our customers, clubs, and federations.  A few simple digital changes have created plenty of opportunities at Double Pass, but that’s not all. Digital transformation is an ongoing process for us, and we are happy to share the benefits with our customers.

Internal efficiency and time savings

Digitisation comes in various forms. Our IT team will mainly focus on scalable solutions from now on. Thanks to the software developed by our IT specialists, their assistance is no longer required to start up new projects. In practice, this means we work more efficiently, with faster response times. Consequently, a project’s lead time may drop from twelve weeks to barely four.

We have also eliminated all offline tools and programs in our business operations, switching to Microsoft Teams for improved efficiency and communication in our company. This cloud software helps us to easily follow up on and supervise employees, perform systematic quality checks and work in a more structured way.

Finally, we are also making crucial steps with regard to information management. We have shifted from labour-intensive processes to track information to one central workspace, allowing us to generate all kinds of reports with a single click. Moreover, such a central information point offers endless possibilities, such as predictive models that can gain us important insights from the outset when working on a new project.

The perfect balance between offline and online service

We have taken a different, even more digital approach to our services. Analysis and collaboration are labour-intensive processes, because they always take place on-site. Our online CAMP, Club & Academy Monitoring Platform offers a solution to this problem, striking the perfect balance between online and offline support. Double Pass has committed to a technology-based ecosystem, which combines our traditional services such as analysis, product and co-creation with a focus on productised services. These are online tools that are based on and integrated into all our services. In this way we try to offer every club an integrated solution.

Our online CAMP platform centralises our services and already includes some interesting tools. The Strategic Roadmap offers an environment for formulating strategic objectives, developing action plans, and following up on them, while Tag-it is a training observation system. An example of such an integrated solution can be found below. It is specifically focused on a transition to first team approach and makes optimal use of our traditional and productised services.


Digital opportunities for every club

There is no lack of digital opportunity at Double Pass. Our internal and external operations are running at full speed, both offline and online. Our digital transformation has provided us with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. And as we like nothing better at Double Pass than to share knowledge and offer support to others, we can now also help our clients navigate their digital transformation journey.

How can we help your club go digital? We will gladly share some insights with you during a free introductory meeting. Contact us.

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