First results of the online survey presented in Flanders

During the Quality in Sports Happening 2019 the first results of the online survey have been presented to the clubs of our partner, Voetbal Vlaanderen. The main goal of this survey is to analyse the perception and satisfaction of 3 key stakeholders: directors, coaches and parents.

The results are based on a sample of 256 clubs which have been assessed in the last 2 seasons (2017-2019). At provincial level the average participation rate of the 142 clubs was about 90 respondents. In the regional clubs the participation rate was almost 50 per club.

Coach satisfaction

When we focus on the drivers of coach satisfaction we see that 80% of the Flemish coaches are satisfied about their role and function in the club. In general we can conclude that coaches at provincial level are a little more satisfied about most of the items, compared with their colleagues from the regional clubs, especially with regard to the working environment and the opportunities for personal development. Points of attention for most of the clubs are the way how coaches are informed (about strategic decisions, procedures, status, etc.) and the respect they receive (involvement, compensation and rewarding, etc.).

Satisfaction of parents

As far as the parents are concerned, we can conclude that 70% to 80% considers the value for money in the club as good to very good. 86% of the parents would recommend their club to family and friends. However, a clear action point for most of the clubs is providing feedback about the individual performance and progression of their child.

Interesting to know is why parents have chosen the club. It is clear that for regional clubs the distance and friends are the most important factors. The higher the level, the more important the professional setting and reputation of the club become.

From now on, in all assessment projects the clubs will see their detailed results on the Double Pass platform.

If you want more information about our assessment services or about this project, you can reach out to:

David Pauwels
Head of Assessment

Jo Van Hoecke
Head of Product & Founder

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