FIFA’s groundbreaking Talent Development Programme kicks off

Double Pass is getting the ball rolling as FIFA’s partner to roll out the Talent Development Programme in an endeavour to optimise player potential in all corners of the globe. Due to the pandemic, the start of the analysis phase was delayed. But, since the end of June onwards, youth academies of the 125 participating nations are subjected to a thorough online academy analysis based on the critical success factors of Double Pass’s scientific model with proprietary algorithms. A grand total of 375 leading youth academies (both boys and girls) will be undergoing an in-depth analysis, while another 1.250 academies will participate in an online survey to analyse the satisfaction of the various stakeholders and the perceived quality of talent development within the academy.

All participating academies have access to CAMP (Club & Academy Monitoring Platform), Double Pass’s digital platform.

As part of the academy analysis, we aim to analyse the critical success factors of the leading academies as it was before the COVID-19 breakout. As the impact of the pandemic cannot be ignored in the present situation, a questionnaire is included as part of the analysis to gauge the way in which the coronavirus has affected the academy in question.

The goal of the academy analysis is to gain a better understanding of how talent is developed within  football academies worldwide. This is done by means of online surveys, documentary analysis, online interviews with all key stakeholders, and a video analysis of a training session. Participants are provided with a report compiled by one of the 15 Double Pass experts from all over the world. The report will highlight the key strengths and action points of the talent development set-up and include findings, benchmarks, specific recommendations and actions points for the future. The various reports obtained from all participating nations are then integrated in the global FIFA eco-system report. This will be a highly fruitful first step towards performance improvement.

Based on the findings of the analysis, a supporting phase will be initiated in which tailored technical support programmes for the various federations and academies will be rolled out across all nations that participated in the analysis phase.

The process has already been initiated in several countries, including Georgia and Kenya. Georgia’s leading youth academies (FC Dinamo Tbilisi Football Academy, FC Locomotive Tbilisi Youth Academy and FC Saburtalo Tbilisi Football Academy) were able to benefit from an analysis of the various areas of their High-Performance Ecosystem conducted by László Végh at the end of June. In Kenya, Ruben Lucker performed an analysis of Ligi Ndogo SC, Kariobangi Sharks and Moving the Goalpost (MTG). Up next are Belarus, Cameroon, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Tunisia, Zimbabwe,… and all other participating nations.

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