Our Master Classes are organised for leagues and federations who invite all Academy Directors and Sport Technical Leaders of their clubs to participate.

Master Class Academy Director

Do you want to become an expert in talent development? Then start your journey with our Master Class Academy Director.


The goals are to:

  • provide you all insights on what makes an academy really successful;
  • teach you how to run an academy to become state-of-the-art;
  • exchange views and experiences with academy professionals and peers;
  • set individual goals for your club.

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Master Class Sporting Director

With this educational track we create the journey of the Sporting Director position, during 5 different workshops with 5 different topics, based upon the role of the Sporting Director:

  • Leadership & Communication
  • Club Business Models, Strategy and Management
  • Football Philosophy and Health & Performance
  • Scouting and Recruitment
  • Transition to the first team

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If you want more information about our educational services, you can reach out to:

Jimmy Lelie
Head of Human Resources