Double Pass educates at the Real Madrid University

For a third consecutive year in a row, Double Pass has been asked to provide classes at the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid.

Our Management and Football Experts David Pauwels, Kevin Nicholson and Stig Meylemans will provide three modules about Talent Development within the overall program of the “Máster en Dirección de Fútbol”

Former football players, sport sciences graduates, football coaches will be inspired in:

  • Academy Management: from strategy to monitoring
  • The ingredients of a Football Philosophy
  • The translation of a Football Philosophy into an age specific curriculum and links with the training sessions

The three modules are part of educational services which Double Pass also provides to Football Federations and Leagues to educate the football CEO’s, Sporting Directors and Academy Directors of this world.

If you want more information about these services, you can reach out to:

Jimmy Lelie
Head of Human Resources