Double Pass co-creation in Japan: Improving operations of J1, J2 and J3 clubs

In a year of successful collaboration between Double Pass and clubs of the Japan Professional Football Leagues (a few clubs from J1 and all clubs from J2 and J3), the building blocks continue to be laid in terms of maximising the potential of the clubs, via education and the implementation of the Double Pass framework.

These Japanese clubs have warmly embraced the Double Pass framework and our expert consultants ensure that each visit is tailor made and delivered to improve the operations of youth academies.

In June this year, all clubs came together in Osaka for the second time in 2018, where Double Pass delivered its 2nd Master Class, bringing the content around curriculum and performance to further complement the first cycle building blocks on Strategy, Structure & Football Philosophy. One of many highlights of the Master Class was the interactive session on delivery, which triggered all participants to be highly engaged, communicating and confident to share their ideas amongst each other, all with the aim to raise the level of the Japanese Football. As it has always been a tradition, the Master Class concluded with its famous ‘kick-off’ event where all participants met for dinner network and celebrate in traditional Japanese style, an event enjoyed by all and a real eye opener into the beauty of the Japanese culture.

In September, the Double Pass team went back to Osaka for their third workshop of the Master Class Academy Management programme for the same few J1 clubs and all J2 and J3 clubs, 35 in total. Besides the difficulties in traveling into the country due to the typhoon, the workshop, which was all about Individual development, was challenging and instructive. The eagerness to evolve and to become 1 of the world leading football nations, inspires the Japanese to step out of their comfort zone. The workshop was followed by a demo session on the pitch, which brought the theory alive and demonstrated how to integrate individual development accents within a team training session.

“Mix the words blueprint, one-way dialogues, individual profiling via social media posts, smooth marketing, webinars and you will find a cocktail of quite a few operational businesses in football. When working in an international context, cultural differences, adjusting, sharing, listening, co-creating, facilitating, and taking ownership are indispensable factors that need to be taken into account in the aim for more better football players. Therefore, I would like to congratulate the leaders of the Japanese football and the Double Pass team Japan, in their efforts, determination and collaboration, which is by far the most challenging but also the most target oriented and sustainable way of working,” says Double Pass Head of HR and Master Class Expert Jimmy Lelie.

Post Master Class, the Double Pass Japan Project team continues to embrace the Japanese culture whilst visiting each J2 club for their two days of consulting. Ensuring that culture is at the forefront of delivery combined with the Double Pass framework, guarantees that the Japanese football will deliver in its quest for optimising youth player potential in football.

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