Dashboards regarding productivity and ROI

Track the performance of your club and academy

For whom?

As CEO and Technical Director, or Academy Director and Head of Coaching at Academy level, you want to oversee and monitor the performance of your Club and Academy.

What is it?

Over the last 15 years double pass developed its own scientific metrics to measure the productivity of an academy. In order to understand the performance of a club, the internal and external ROIs, the revenues generated from sales or loans and the impact of club trained players on the first team squad’s wage structure are all being measured. These indicators then come together in management dashboards that are essential for data-based decisions regarding the governance and planning of the professional squad.

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  • Key capabilities
    • Well balanced set of validated performance indicators to measure the productivity and ROI of an academy.
    • International benchmarks based on a representative sample of academies in different countries.
    • Specific dashboards for different leadership roles at club and academy level.
  • Key benefits
    • Monitor the effectiveness of your investment in talent development: measure the productivity and ROI of your Academy.
    • Meaningful dashboards for squad management and planning: at-a-glance overview of all relevant indicators.
    • Benchmark your club regarding talent development and management.

Clients that use this service:Rangers FC

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