Founded in 2004 as a spin-off company of the University of Brussels (VUB) double pass quickly became the international reference for talent development in sports and football in particular.

Today we are around 60 people, active all over the world.  We help clubs, federations and leagues on optimising their youth academies and ultimately their player potential.

To inspire, stimulate and support all football stakeholders with regard to talent development is our reason of existence.
Objectivity, adaptability, confidentiality and sincerity guide us in our services to our partners with the objective to be successful. To become successful… It all starts with talent development!

Hugo Schoukens

Mission & Vision

Bringing Inspiration, Innovation and Connection into Talent Development systems of Football Clubs, Leagues and Federations with the aim of optimizing player potential, improving the quality of the game and producing sustainable social & economic football capital.

Our vision is to be World leading in Talent Development Systems. This means we want to be active on a global scale, we want to be seen as the reference in academy and sport technical management and we want to be unique and innovative in our assessment, consulting and education services. We thrive for this uniqueness through:

  • using our double pass model which has a mixture of scientific background and practical on and off the field relevance
  • the transfer of our knowledge through content, processes and technology
  • co-creation and adaptation to the situational context of our customers
  • highly experienced staff members
  • international benchmarks, certification and best practices


Our team consists of passionate and experienced football professionals providing services for double pass.
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    Harvey Arman Director of double pass Asia & Oceania
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    Ariël Jacobs Football Consultant
    Caroline De Roose Member of the Board and Product and Account Director Randstad
    David Pauwels Head of Assessment
    Davy Verbeeck Assessor
    Eddy Simons Assessor
    Hans Vander Elst Head of Football Development
    Hugo Schoukens CEO & founder
    Jasper Bosmans Product Officer
    Jean-François de Sart Football Consultant
    Jimmy Lelie Head of Human Resources
    Joachim Vanden Eeden Assessor
    Johan Ceuppens Marketing, Communication and Event Manager
    Jo Van Hoecke Head of Product & founder
    Joost Roelens Legal Officer and Member of the Board
    Joris Lambrechts Assessor
    Kim Declercq Financial Officer
    Kim Pierlot Assessor
    Koen Put Head of Consulting
    Kris Collaert Project Manager Flanders (Belgium)
    Kristof Sas Consultant in Sports Medicine
    Marc Van Geersom Football Consultant
    Paul De Knop President of the Board
    Philippe Rosier Health & Performance Consultant
    Philippe Sadzo Assessor
    Raf De Koninck Assessor
    Ronny De Goedt Member of the Board and COO Wolters Kluwer
    Ruben Lucker Assessor
    Rudy Heylen Consultant in Sports Psychology
    Siebe Hannosset Health & Performance Consultant
    Steven Probst Health & Performance Manager
    Steven Vansina General Manager
    Stig Meylemans Football Development Manager
    Thomas Peer Assessor
    Tim Aga Football Consultant
    Tim Van Rompuy Product Manager
    Tom Vandevelde Software Developer
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    Alexandre Dias Director of double pass Latin America
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    Jack Zhang Shoujun Chinese representative
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    Per HolmFootball Consultant
    Thomas SlosarichAssessor USA
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    Jan Versleijen Football Consultant
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    Conor Marlin Assessor
    Dean Selvey Assessor
    Jeremy Steele Assessor
    John Owens Football Consultant
    Kevin Nicholson Football Consultant
    Tom Spall Project Manager England
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    Jorma Mäkipää Assessor / Football Consultant
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    Marc Dieterich Project Manager Germany
    Christoph John Assessor
    Felix Imm Project Manager Japan
    Mario Himsl Assessor
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    Balázs Farkas Football Consultant
    Bernadett Józsa HR Manager
    Gábor Herczeg Project Manager / Assessor
    László Végh Assessor
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    Sarthak Dubey Indian Representative
    Rajat Kumar Baid Indian Representative
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    Naomi Noda Assistant Consultant / Translator
    Yuki Stalph Assistant Consultant
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    Anselmo Ruiz de Alarcón Quintero Consultant