3 different ways to implement your football philosophy

As Double Pass is globally active, we have noticed different ways in which football philosophies are implemented. Here are three different ways to implement your football philosophy as Academy Director:


In the fixed model, the Academy Director implements quite strict and is deciding on ‘the style of play’, the formation and even what to do during all training sessions. He leaves no space for the creativity of the coach.


In the semi-flex model, it is both the Academy Director and coach who are deciding on the content which is given in the academy. On the one hand, the coach needs to follow specific parts of the football philosophy (for example the formation). On the other hand, freedom and creativity of the coach is encouraged on specific topics (for example in choosing the ‘style of play’).


It is obvious that the flexible model, encourages personal input and creativity. The Academy Director is not really implementing the content and he stimulates the coach to make his own decisions regarding the football philosophy.

It is important to consider these different ways of implementation and especially how strict you want to keep an eye on your football philosophy. Choosing for a certain model has a profound influence on the players, on the coaches and on a consistent football philosophy throughout your academy.

How do you implement your football philosophy?

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