Optimising youth player potential in football

Double pass assesses and advises football clubs, leagues and (con)federations on optimising their talent development. We make the potential improvements visible using a unique methodology. Based on the results, our experienced sports professionals help to implement tailor-made solutions. Our track record shows significantly better run academies.

Together we go for more and better players.

What do we offer?

Our services


We assess talent development systems of clubs. We also evaluate federations on their overall talent development set-up and their youth national teams.

Our assessment is the basis for support and a certification which guarantees the quality of the talent development work.

We use our own developed scientific methodology which has further evolved through 15 years of practical experience. The core elements of our assessment are:

  • What is the strategy, structure and organisational set-up of the club? What is the position and contribution of talent development in achieving the targets of the club?
  • How effectively are operations run?
  • What does the football specific approach of the academy look like on and off the pitch?
  • What is in place to support the individual development of players?
  • How productive is an academy? How many players come through?
  • What is the federation’s or league’s involvement in quality assurance? Do they incentivise talent development? Do they have systems in place to protect investments of the clubs?

Based on the assessment we score and benchmark the results.

How does it work?


We advise youth academies of clubs, and also federations and leagues themselves on how to maximise their youth potential. Starting with an in-depth analysis of the “as is” situation, the implementation of the advice is guided by experienced football professionals who know how football and talent development works.

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We organise education programmes for all clubs of a certain federation or league. Regularly we also organise open conferences on specific topics. Tell me more!

Why double pass?

  • With more than 15 years of experience, our track record shows positive results in youth programmes with more players entering professional leagues.
  • We help to build a sustainable talent development structure based on our scientific model that is practically oriented. In this way, we assist in realising a qualitative inflow of players at professional level.
  • Our scientific background guarantees a permanent focus on the validity and reliability of our methods and results.
  • Grassroots clubs get better organised and become a solid foundation of a strong football community.
  • All of our football consultants are highly experienced football professionals who were involved in major clubs and/or federations.
  • We are in it for the long run. Assessment, implementation, education, follow-up… our job is never done.

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