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The world's reference in talent development systems
The international quality label in football
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More than 15 years of practical experience
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Leagues and Federations

What is your plan to realize your football vision?
Did you define your talent development pyramid?
Do the best clubs play against the best?
Do you have - besides the FIFA - a local compensation system?
Do you have a quality assurance system?

Strive for the best, work with the best!

Professional and Grassroots clubs

Is the role of your talent development system well-defined?
Is a sport technical committee in the club installed?
Do you have a clear pathway for transition into your 1st team?
Is your football philosophy visible on the pitch?
Did you already benchmark your academy?

Strive for the best, work with the best!

  • Foot PASS is a quality evaluation based on relevant and objective criteria, offering tangible conclusions that shed a clear light on the strengths and weaknesses of a club's youth training. The clubs and their managers receive guidelines and support in order to improve quality and operations. The certification system with quality stars urges us to reach higher levels.

    Matthias Sammer – former Technical Director DFB

  • The certification of the Academies has been introduced in our clubs by Double PASS. It is a concept of great importance for the sustainability of our talent development system. The certification project is a leverage for the value of the German academies. It is considered a successful model by all stakeholders of German football.

    Holger Hieronymus – former Chief Operating Officer DFL

  • The members of the professional game board consider the roll out of the audit process to have been a success and are grateful for the contribution of Double PASS.

    Nic Coward – Premier League

  • Imagine an athlete or a team which does not measure its performance. What would happen? They could not motivate themselves, they could not judge their training methods, and they certainly would not be able to achieve world-class standards.


  • The cooperation with Double PASS was an important breakthrough in our relationship with the clubs and their academies. Double PASS is a catalyst in the Belgian Talent Development System and the Foot PASS project is an essential means to help the clubs to run their Academies. It is a leverage for the implementation of our football development philosophy.

    Bob Browaeys – Technical Director Belgian FA/VFV

  • Double PASS is a neutral and independent body, guaranteeing objectivity, reliability and discretion.

    Olivier Jarosz – European Club Association (ECA)

  • I have been very impressed with the professionalism and genuine concern for youth development which Double PASS has shown at all stages. It's been an absolute pleasure to go through the audit, Double PASS certainly made an arduous process much more bearable and rewarding!

    Darren Eales – Director of Football Administration Tottenham Hotspur

  • Foot PASS has been of vital importance in the restructuring of our academy. The conclusions of the audit guided me in my job as academy director.

    Jean Kindermans – Academy Director RSC Anderlecht

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